Commercial Criminal Law

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Benjamin Grunst, Rechtsanwalt

General remarks on commercial criminal law

The commercial criminal law became increasingly important in the recent years, not only in jurisprudence , but also in law enforcement practice. Violations are being more frequently and more consistently punished by specialized agencies (such as the tax authorities , the Federal Supervisory Office for Securities Trading , the Trade Supervisory Board or the Customs Service).
Because of the ever-changing manifestations of economic crime, the term „white collar crime“ is defined neither exhaustive nor uniform. Characteristic of white collar crime, however, have the following key aspects:

  • The act is the abuse or exploitation of confidence in the commercial trade and it is being made usually in the context of professional practice.
  • Along with the changing concept of white collar crime is that it is not codified in a single piece of legislation, but rather could be found in so-called core criminal and secondary criminal law.
  • Investigations are often associated with residential or business premises searches, which are intended to preserve the evidence or to confiscate.

Typical punishabillities under the commercial criminal law

  • Fraud
  • Bribe and corruption
  • Embezzlement
  • Labour criminal law
  • Design criminal law

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