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RA Norman Buse, Anwalt für Medienrecht

General remarks on internet law

The internet law is not a traditional independent practice area but represents a cross-cutting issue from different legal fields.

It can be generally said that it is a collective term for the legal relationships and issues around the topic internet.

The internet law has similarities with the following fields:

  • Contract law: conclusion of different types of contract on the internet with regard to rules of distance selling
  • Media and copyright law: infringement of copyright through filesharing, defamation etc.
  • Competition law: violation of UWG
  • Trademark law: violation against the rights of the trademark owner
  • Domain law: problems arising by registering Top-Level Domains such as .de, .com, or .berlin
  • Criminal law: torts such as insult, defamation and other offences on the internet

It always comes back to an overlap of the respective matters. For example, a negative statement of an entrepreneur about his competitor can lead to both competition law and a criminal offense. Same rules apply also in the social networks. The dissemination of false facts about the person can lead to civil injunction and claims for damages or could have even criminal consequences.

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