BUSE HERZ GRUNST Law Firm based in Berlin advices clients on all question of IT – law and represents them nationwide in all stages of the proceedings.

Norman Buse, Rechtsanwalt

This is the IT-Law

The right of information technology (IT Law) is an interdisciplinary field and is also the generic term for information and data processing. Generally the IT – law covers those areas of life in which IT is used.

Under the occupation rules of attorneys (FAO), the IT-Law is defined as follows:

  • Contract law of information technologies, including the drafting of individual contracts and general terms and conditions
  • Law of electronic commerce, including the drafting of provider-contracts and terms of use (Online-/Mobile Business),
  • Fundamentals of intellectual property rights in the field of information technologies, references to trademark law, especially domain law,
  • Data protection and security of information technologies, including encryption and signatures and their specific qualifications,
  • Law of communication networks and services, especially the law of telecommunication and its services,
  • Law governing the awarding services in the field of information technologies of public sector (including E-Government), with consideration of european and german anti-trust law,
  • International aspects, including international private law,
  • Specific characteristics of the criminal law in the field of information technologies

In the legal practice there is often overlap with other areas of law. Those are for example industrial property rights, copyright and media law, protection of data or criminal law.

The focus of our activities in IT law is the IT contract law. This can be further subdivided into general contract law (hardware / software agreements) and in contractual arrangements with respect to e-commerce and m-commerce.

Our legal services in the field of IT-Law

  • Preparation and examination of Hardware-contracts
  • Preparation and examination of Software-contracts
  • Preparation and examination of „IT-Project-Contracts“
  • Preparation and examination of general terms and conditions
  • Preparation and examination of data protection rules
  • Law of electronic business operations with relation to E-Commerce and M-Commerce

Law firm BUSE HERZ GRUNST from Berlin advices clients on all questions of IT-Law.

The field of IT-Law is supervised by our legal expert Norman Buse.

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