Startup Consultancy

Law firm BUSE HERZ GRUNST accompany founders at all stages of entrepreneurship and offers in Berlin legal advice especially for startups.

RA Norman Buse, Anwalt für Medienrecht

We are from the foundation phase until a possible sale of business in all legal matters aside.

We see ourselves not only as a traditional law firm, but we can also offer support in strategic economic decisions, since we have experience of our own business activities and investments.

This is what we offer in the field of Startup consultancy:

1. The formation of the company

  • Choosing the right form of the company (partnership or corporation)
  • Drafting a company agreement
  • Negotiation with potential investors/VC
  • Legal consultation on employment contract
  • In a cooperation with a tax consultant

2. Expansion and raising of capital

  • Change of legal form, for example from OHG to GmbH, GmbH to AG
  • Capital increase
  • Raising of capital in form of debt or equity
  • Shareholdings in company
  • Expansion into foreign markets

3. Continuing legal consultancy

  • Drafting of general terms and conditions
  • Copyright-related issues
  • Employment contracts
  • Contracts of tenancy
  • Generall contract law
  • Trademark application for registration
  • Trademark protection
  • Data protection law
  • Competition law

The field of Startup consultany is supervised by our legal expert Norman Buse.

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